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The Process of Tooth Reshaping

» 13 January 2020 » In Tooth Reshaping »

The flashing of a smile can often be the first impression someone has of an individual, so making the most of that simple act is something that needs to be taken into consideration when evaluating the process of tooth reshaping.

How Is This Process Defined?

Tooth reshaping can be looked upon as a redefinition of this subtly important area that inevitably changes over the course of a person’s life. This can be the result of teeth that have been chipped, are uneven or overlapping, or damaged through everyday wear-and-tear.

What’s Involved With This Process?

What’s involved is the removing or rounding of a small portion of enamel on either one or multiple teeth. By performing this action, the surface, length and shape of the teeth can be improved and provide a person with a younger appearance.

Given the fact that dental professionals are performing this task, the utmost care is taken to contour the teeth to what the patient is expecting. First checking to see that the teeth are healthy by use of dental x-rays, the dentist then marks the specific areas in question.

The process continues through the use of dental instruments that delicately sand off the imperfections of the teeth before they are then smoothed. All of this is done without the use of anesthetic and will offer little if any discomfort. In the latter case, this can take the form of brief sensitivity to hot or cold food or drinks.

Avoiding Economic Pain and Keeping Teeth Healthy

From a financial standpoint, there can also be much less pain for your wallet. That’s because the payment procedure is based on a per-tooth basis. In this case, there may be only one or a few teeth, as opposed to the entire set. The rate is often dependent upon the level of work needed for each tooth.

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The Dallas, Texas office of Dr. William Miller has three decades of experience with the process of tooth reshaping and is ready to help you invigorate your smile. Developing a one-on-one relationship that focuses on patient needs is Dr. Miller’s top concern, so be sure to give him a call at 214-692-1050 and set up your tooth reshaping appointment today!

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