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Dental Examinations for All Patients

Dental Patients

Dental examinations and checkups are very important.  Dental examinations include a wealth of information.  There a basically three types of dental examinations.

The first is what we term a Comprehensive Dental Examination.  It consist of a very thorough dental examination of a multitude of items.  Typically, as a new patient, a very comprehensive evaluation needs to be completed.  it can consist of an evaluation of the dental cavity which would include the teeth, gum tissue, soft tissue and usually a cancer screening as well.  Details are critical with a Comprehensive examination.  Along with the above information, photographs and impressions for models of your teeth may also be needed.  If the patient has concerns or questions about their esthetics and smile, more time may be necessary for the completion of the examination. An added appointment time may be scheduled to go over and review findings of the Comprehensive Examination.

Second would be a Periodic Examination. This dental examination is for a patient of record that has already had the Comprehensive Dental Examination.  Typically, this exam is completed when in for a routine teeth cleaning.

Third Dental Examination is termed a Limited or Emergency Examination.  Usually, this is specific for an item within the scope of dentistry.  Examples would include a toothache, sore gum, broken tooth etc.

Dental examinations are very important in the practice of dentistry.  They are typically the first step in someone’s dental care.

Basically, there are two types of dental examinations; comprehensive (complete) and limited (problem focused only).

The comprehensive or complete examination notes all details related to a persons oral health.  A wide range of information is gathered for a comprehensive examination.  All details are noted and documented and shared with the patient.  A treatment plan would then be developed.  Dr. Miller personally shares and discusses treatment options, in detail.  His desire is to allow his patients to be informed and select their best treatment option.

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