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Tooth Reshaping / Lengthen

Tooth Reshaping

Patients with teeth reshaping

Tooth reshaping or teeth reshaping involves rounding or removing slight amount of tooth structure for a better look.  During a lifetime teeth may chip at the ends and may get a rough or uneven look.  By taking the dental handpiece and rounding those areas, the teeth have a more even, rounded and youthful look.

Sometimes a patients anterior teeth can be viewed as a unit in their smile line.  This means that all teeth in their smile can be reshaped for a more esthetically pleasing look.  These teeth are typically from one canine to the other side.  But many times this may extend further to the premolar or bicuspid teeth as their smile may show all of those teeth.

Usually, dental anesthetic is not necessary for tooth reshaping and this technique is a very safe and effective way to improve your smile.  If it is determined that dental anesthetic is needed, possibly a filling or crown may be needed to achieve the results intended.

Tooth Lengthening

Lengthening typically would involve adding composite (tooth colored filling material) to the ends of teeth that may be short or uneven.  If major lengthening needs to be considered, crowns may be enlisted.  Crowns may be used as they are stronger and potentially more esthetically pleasing.  Especially, if one is trying to improve the esthetics of their front teeth, crowns may be the better choice for esthetics and durability.  Reshaping and lengthening are very simple ways to help improve a patients smile and esthetic value.  Cost is typically based on the time Dr. Miller needs to spend to improve a patients smile.  Dr. Miller and his staff would happy to discuss and answer any questions you would have about these simple cosmetic techniques.

If you would like more information on cosmetic dental services, please check out our Cosmetic Dentistry Page.

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