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Dental Extractions

Dental ExtractionsThe extraction of a tooth can often stop pain that you may have been suffering with.  Although we would rather address and repair the problem with your tooth, an extraction will often give you the comfort and ability to eat again!  Extraction, very simply, means the removal of the tooth from the oral cavity.

At times, an extraction is the only treatment we may use to stop the problem the tooth is having.  Once the tooth is extracted from the mouth the area will heal  and discussions can take place regarding replacement of that tooth with an implant, bridge or a removable prosthesis.

Dr. Miller is a general dentist. Extraction procedures can be simple or very challenging to a general dentist.  Many times an oral surgeon many be enlisted to extract the tooth if it looks to be difficult to the general dentist.  Oral surgeons have had many years of extensive training to take out the most difficult teeth.  Patients may just have local anesthetic or may be sedated to allow the surgeon to adequately extract the tooth safely and efficiently.

For more information on extractions feel free to check out our blog/info page for another article on dental extractions.

Our office will always discuss your options with you.  We may refer you to a qualified and  experienced oral surgeon for your extraction.  Call us today for an evaluation!

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