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Root Canals North Dallas

Root Canals in Dallas may be your best treatment option if you are faced with a painful tooth.  A painful tooth can be an issue.  A root canal  can help alleviate the pain. Root canals are considered endodontic therapy in dentistry.

If you are currently experiencing a painful tooth, contact us (214-692-1050) for a visit.      

root canal treatment

Root Canal Therapy

Root canal therapy may be completed on front or back teeth.  Time and cost can vary depending on several factors.  Antibiotics may be given as well to help reduce infection.  Front teeth have fewer roots than back teeth can have as many as three or four roots.

Endodontists are dentists that are specialists in  root canal therapy.  Dr. Miller is a general dentist and he has had experience diagnosing teeth that need root canals since 1985.

Endodontic therapy will enable you to get out of pain and still keep your tooth.  When diagnosed, assessed and completed properly a root canal in Dallas enables one to keep the tooth.

There is also some good information available from the American Dental Association.  Also, within our website,  more information available  on our blog page.

Usually after a root canal a dental crown is needed to help strengthen and support the tooth.  Root canals can sometimes be completed in as little as one visit but may take several visits depending on factors causing the abcess.  Antibiotics are many times  used during the process of initiating and finishing the root canal on a tooth.

Let our office know if you are experiencing any teeth that are uncomfortable.  Dr. Miller, as a general dentist, has been diagnosing root canals since 1985.  When visiting our office, we can make an x-ray of your tooth and discuss with you about your toothache and determine if endodontic therapy is the best choice of treatment.  Cost for this first visit is relatively low and is the “first step” in determining if a root canal in Dallas is your best choice of treatment.   This appointment takes only a short amount of time but a great amount of information can be gained about your tooth.

We will be able to discuss and help determine if a root canal can make you and your tooth feel better!

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