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Complimentary Dental ConsultationsDr. Miller’s office offers dental consultations to allow patients to discuss their dental concerns and have an opportunity to meet Dr. Miller and his staff.  This is an ideal time for a patient to “get to know” the office and be able to share their concerns and gain valuable information about the importance of regular dental care.  Dentistry has changed during the past several years with new materials and techniques. Consultations are a great appointment time to discuss what dentistry has to offer.

Consultations are great opportunities to discuss and ask questions related to dentistry.  Our office can assist patients with useful information about the practice of dentistry.  Dentistry has quite a bit to offer today and we want to make sure that our patients are aware of all the services we have to offer.  Dr. Miller is happy to discuss general dental topics with his patients. Consultations do not take the place of a dental exam.  Dental examinations are necessary to determine exact and detailed dental information about a patient.

Personal Attention and Care

Consultations do not take the place of a thorough comprehensive teeth examination but it does allow a patient the opportunity to express their concerns about their dental health.  Dr. Miller’s office encourages consultations or second opinions if you have unanswered questions about your dental health.  Contact us by phone or email for your appointment today!

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