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Crowns and Bridges

Porcelain Crowns and BridgesPorcelain crowns and bridges in Dallas help many patients achieve the smile they have always desired.  A smile can be whitened and transformed into a beautiful long-lasting smile.  Crowns and bridges can be used for strengthening a single tooth or replacing missing teeth within the mouth.

Crowns and bridges are used in a variety of ways.  Crowns are used many times to strengthen weak teeth or that of broken teeth.  Bridges are used to replace missing teeth.  Implants can be used as well to replace missing teeth.  It usually takes a few appointments to construct a crown or a bridge.  Anterior tooth crowns and bridges will take more time. There are higher esthetic demands for an anterior tooth. A temporary crown or bridge will need to made. The patient will wear this during the time while the permanent crown or bridge made.

Materials for crowns and bridges can vary.  For the best esthetics the material needs to be life-like similar to tooth enamel.  Porcelain is used routinely used but other materials may be employed.  Porcelain is a “natural” substance.

The porcelain is applied upon a core material which can be metal or that of a ceramic “core” material.  Most all core materials are a light color similar to that of natural tooth enamel.  Therefore, materials used are the most natural looking substances to deliver the best in esthetics for that beautiful smile.  Zirconium is widely used today for esthetic crowns and bridges.

An unattractive smile can be transformed into one of beauty. Utilizing natural looking porcelain crowns and bridges a smile can transform.  Tooth preparation would be involved and impressions made of the involved tooth or teeth within the patients smile zone.  After just a few weeks, crowns and/or bridges are complete and placed permanently within the patients mouth.

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