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Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry Whitening Teeth | North Dallas DentistCosmetic dentistry refers to any dental work which is primarily done to improve the appearance of the teeth or smile in general. This work is by no means frivolous or unnecessary;  a healthy looking, natural smile can be a huge confidence boost and may make all the difference in your personal or working relationships.

Dr. Miller would be happy to speak with you about your smile and cosmetic dentistry and discuss options that would improve the look of your teeth and smile.

Time and cost can vary widely with cosmetic dentistry and the choice and method chosen to improve the look of your smile.  Contact our office for a consultation with Dr. Miller so that we may share with you what cosmetic dentistry has to offer.

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Teeth Whitening

Many people are now using teeth whitening as a cosmetic dentistry service to brighten their teeth at a relatively low cost. To achieve a fresher, brighter look, the process utilizes a whitening gel prescribed by their dentist. The patient also receives trays that are specifically designed to fit their unique dental arches. The gel is placed inside the trays, which are worn during the day. Typically, within two weeks, patients can achieve a whiter, brighter smile.

Tooth Reshaping/Lengthening

For many reasons, teeth may chip over time and develop a rough appearance. Fortunately, dentists are able to smooth the teeth’s edges and create a smoother, more youthful look. Teeth can also be lengthened by adding an enamel-colored composite to the end of teeth that may have become uneven or shortened through the years. The result are teeth that are no longer jagged, but have become rounded and smooth with the use of a composite material that is relatively undetectable when placed on the teeth.


Bonding is an excellent option to give your teeth a more “complete” look by filling in excessive space between teeth. The procedure is considered to be “additive” as an enamel/tooth-colored composite is applied to the existing teeth to create a more uniform look. Because this cosmetic dentistry procedure does not involve cutting away the enamel, patients can achieve a nice smile while avoiding significant alterations to the natural enamel structure of their teeth.


Patients whose teeth are uneven, worn, or crooked may want to consider veneers. Veneers are typically placed on the upper front teeth that show when smiling. Veneers involve placing custom made segments of porcelain to the front surface of the teeth. While some patients do not require cutting or preparation of the enamel, others may require prep work prior to veneer placement. Dr. Miller can help you determine which cosmetic dentistry procedures are best for your individual case.

Porcelain Crowns/Bridges

For teeth that have been severely chipped, have large fillings or possibly to replace a missing tooth or teeth; crowns and bridges can help restore the appearance and function of a patient’s dentition. Patients may choose from  a variety of materials for creating their crowns; however, porcelain is often chosen as it is the most esthetic material. The porcelain exterior may be applied on a metal or ceramic core. Prep work is required, and the cosmetic dentist office will make impressions of the patient’s teeth. The impressions are sent to a lab, where the customized crown is made. Within a short time, the custom made crown will be permanently cemented on the tooth.

Cosmetic/Esthetic Fillings

A more attractive alternative to silver or amalgam fillings, tooth-colored fillings are now available. These fillings are made from a composite material, which, unlike silver fillings, offers the benefit of strengthening the surrounding enamel. Composite fillings are free of metals and can transform the look of a mouth that has multiple silver fillings. Though these fillings may take more time to place, the cohesiveness they add to the tooth and the beauty are well worth the extra time.

“Full Mouth Makeovers”

Whether it’s been a while since your last visit to the dentist, or if you simply have some cosmetic flaws you’d like to change with your teeth and smile, a full mouth makeover can help you achieve the smile of your dreams. Many patients require a combination of multiple cosmetic procedures to enhance and restore the appearance of their teeth. Dr. Miller and his staff can offer you a variety of treatment options utilizing an array of techniques and dental materials to help you accomplish your goals.

“With a Smile, We’re Changing Lives” 

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