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North Dallas Dental Bridges

North Dallas Dental bridges in dentistry are used to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  Bridges are used to restore esthetics and /or improve eating and chewing function.  Natural teeth or implants can be used to support a bridge.  The procedure on natural teeth for a bridge are very similar to that of a crown or “cap”.  The teeth adjacent to the missing tooth space are prepared or cut to hold and support the bridge to replace the missing tooth. We are happy to offer this dental service as one of our general services to you.

North Dallas Dental Bridges

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Dental bridges require preparation and work on the adjacent teeth next to the missing one.  The missing tooth crown is called a pontic.  The adjacent teeth are called retaining teeth.  It is required that the angle of the bridge is appropriate so that it easily fits on the retaining teeth.  This is usually taken care of by the dentist when he or she prepares the adjacent tooth structure.  A temporary bridge will also need to be constructed to protect the retaining teeth and also fill in the pontic tooth as well.

Implants are also used to support bridges as well.  In that case the natural teeth are not cut and the implants support the pontic, or missing tooth in the arch.

North Dallas dental Bridges can be constructed with a wide variety of materials and will take two or more appointments to complete.  Anterior bridges command a very high degree of planning due to the esthetic value and may cost more due to time and materials involved to give the best natural look to your smile.

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