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Cosmetic teeth whitening is very popular with many people today to achieve a great new smile for a relatively low cost.  Teeth whitening can be accomplished with over the counter products or in-office by a dental office.  Crest white strips are an example of an over-the-counter solution to teeth whitening.   This is an easy and inexpensive way to whiten your teeth on your own without the dentist.  Some patients get results with the over the counter methods.  But many times the best results are accomplished by using an in office technique.  Dr. Miller at times will recommend an over-the-counter method at first.  If this doesn’t meet the patients expectations, then an in-office technique can be utilized.

Teeth Whitening involves the use of a whitening gel that is prescribed by a dentist within the office.  Trays are made to fit the dental arches of the patient.  The gel is placed within the trays and is worn during the day for a period of time. Usually within two weeks a patient will see a noticeable improvement in their smile. Typically, our office will monitor the results over the two weeks while a patient is using the whitening gel.  Sometimes, the whitening may be continued for a few weeks to follow if a lighter shade of whitening is desired.  After completion, patients can keep their trays and periodically “touch-up” their smile after their initial whitening procedure.

This technique has been around for many years and is safe when used as directed.  Whitening requires no cutting of tooth structure or anesthesia.  Improving your smile by whitening is easy and a relatively inexpensive alternative compared to other cosmetic dentistry techniques.  Whitening is and has been widely popular for many years.  It is a great way to brighten and lighten a smile.

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