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Cosmetic Esthetic Fillings

Cosmetic Teeth & Esthetic FillingsSilver amalgam fillings have been around for many years.  But one drawback is that of the dark or silver color when finished. Cosmetic esthetic fillings are a better alternative.

For a much more natural look, composite or “tooth-colored” materials may be used for that natural, tooth colored appearance.  Many patients have chosen the option of the composite fillings for many years.

One can change old, unattractive silver fillings into lighter, whiter and natural looking composite fillings within just a short time.  Materials are safe to use and have very favorable characteristics much like natural tooth enamel.  There are no metals within composite materials as there is in the silver/amalgam type fillings.

Cosmetic esthetic fillings are tooth colored and will lighten the color of a tooth to give a much more natural look of a smile from years before.  The technique and process of placing the composite filling will actually strengthen weakened remaining tooth structure unlike silver fillings that tend to weaken teeth over time.

Time and materials for the composite fillings are different than that of the silver fillings.  Cost will be more than that of replacing a silver filling but for many the look and beauty is well worth the extra expense.

Our office has had many years experience with the composite materials and Dr. Miller has placed many tooth-colored fillings in his career.  We would love to discuss your a cosmetic solution to your teeth!

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