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Q:  What is different about Dr. Miller’s office and his style of practice as opposed to the typical dental clinic or office?

First of all, Dr. Miller is passionate about personalized, quality care dentistry for all of his patients.  We are hopeful that the FAQ’s below will help out.  He has the credentials, experience and education that enables him to help his patients achieve the smile they desire.  Dr. Miller spends quality time with all of his patients and performs all services.  Most offices have staff members completing procedures with much less time spent with the dentist.  Also, Dr. Miller has no contractual agreement with any insurance company.  The majority of dental offices (clinics) have contracts with insurance companies which significantly alters procedures and treatment plans.  Dr. Miller works only with his patients in discussing and treatment planning what his patient’s desire for their health and smile. Please review the other FAQ’S below.

Q: What are your hours?  Are you open on Friday?

  • Our hours are by appointment only.  We schedule by appointment only during the week.  We are closed on Fridays.

Q: Do you take insurance?   

  • If you provide us with your complete dental insurance information, we will file your insurance for you.  But you will pay, in full, fee for services on the date of services.  We accept no insurance assignments.  We are a non-contracted provider.  Please view our Dental Insurance page for more information or call 214-692-1050.

Q: Do you accept credit cards?

  • Yes, we prefer and gladly accept all of the major credit cards.

Q: Do you have payment plans?

  • No. We do not offer “in-house” payment plans.

Q: What do you do on my first visit for a check-up?

  • We will usually take necessary x rays at your first visit. If you have had x rays taken recently, please let us know.  Your teeth will be checked  on your first visit.  At times, Dr. Miller will need to spend more time with you in examining your teeth and therefore your teeth will be cleaned on another appointment time.
  • If you are coming in for a specific problem, possibly a tooth-ache, then we will focus on that specific issue at your first visit.  You may return for a regular full examination of all of your teeth at your next appointment.  If you have any questions, please feel free to ask when contacting our office.

Q: When I leave a message, when will my call be returned?

  • Dr. Miller has a small staff and at busy times unable to answer the phone when we are working with patients.  We offer personalized service with each one of our patients.
  • We check our message center several times during the day and strive to return all calls the same day they were received.  If the call is in the afternoon we may not be able to return the call until the next business day we are in our office for appointments.

Q: What are the causes for stained or discolored teeth?  (webmd article link)

  • Smoking and smokeless tobacco
  • Poor dental hygiene, including insufficient brushing and flossing
  • Certain diseases, disease treatments and antibiotics
  • Certain dental materials such as composite (tooth colored) and amalgam (silver) fillings
  • Aging, thinning enamel

Q:  How long does it take to whiten my teeth?

  • Our office uses the tray type method of whitening.  An impression is made of your upper and lower arches and models are made from these impressions.
  • Thin, clear trays are made that fit your upper and lower teeth.  Directions are given to patients as to how to place the gel in the trays and place on the teeth for whitening.
  • Typically, the trays are worn approximately two hours daily for about two weeks.  Dr. Miller’s office will evaluate the progress of the whitening procedure in about 10-14 days.
  • Many patients will achieve their desired level of whitening in less than two weeks and some may take a little longer than two weeks to complete.
  • The “tray” method offers a safe and comfortable option to whiten the teeth for a more beautiful smile.

Q:  Where may I find out more information about dental implants?

We are hopeful that these Dental FAQ’S have been of benefit to you.  FAQ’S pages are always a good source of information.

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