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General dentistry services are basic procedures that would be completed by a visit to a general, family dentist. Procedures may be performed to resolve any issues you might be experiencing. This includes any work that is necessary in order to avoid or eliminate pain or discomfort, or even address issues that have not caused any pain but may begin to do so in the future.

The following is a list of the specific general dentistry procedures we perform on a regular basis. Click on the treatment for a brief description:

Fillings (tooth colored)

Dr. Miller has had many years of experience in general dental services diagnosing and working with dental fillings. While unattractive and darker fillings may have been the only option in the past, silver fillings have been replaced by composite filling material. These fillings are made of a resin material that nearly matches the color of your natural teeth. Composite fillings become almost “invisible” and the result is a beautiful, natural-looking smile. Fillings can also help keep teeth more decay resistant. Read more here to learn about how tooth-colored fillings can restore ones natural teeth and give a healthier and more attractive smile.


Read here for more information about how a crown help protect and restore teeth. For larger areas of the tooth that have decayed, crowns provide functional coverage. Crowns can help protect the tooth from further damage and produce a smile that one can be proud of. Crown materials have come a long way. Today, one can get natural-looking crowns in as little as two appointments. If you have old or unattractive crowns, let Dr. Miller evaluate them and discuss options for a more natural-looking, attractive smile.


When a bridge as a general dentistry service is used to fill in a gap or area where a tooth is missing, the teeth adjacent to the gap are used to support the artificial, missing tooth. Dr. Miller and staff are experienced and have been working with bridges for years. Dr. Miller may determine that a North Dallas Bridge is an option if you have one or more gaps in your mouth due to missing teeth. A bridge will give you a more attractive smile. If, by missing teeth, have hindered your ability to chew certain foods, bridges may be the answer to your eating challenges.


Preventing damage to your teeth is better than repairing after damage after it has occurred. If you notice that you clench or grind your teeth during sleep, Dr. Miller can evaluate and determine if a special appliance to protect your teeth may be needed. These appliances may be called biteguards or nightguards. Clenching and grinding your teeth have many negative effects. Not only can tooth damage occur, but pain and soreness may occur in the muscles of your face. At times, this grinding/clenching may be responsible for headaches as well. Read more about how general dentistry services, biteguards/nightguards, may help protect your teeth and smile.

Implant Crowns and Bridges

Read here to find out more about a permanent solution to missing teeth offered by Dr. Miller. If you want to replace a missing tooth with a natural looking replacement tooth, Dr. Miller may recommend dental implants. Dental implants are designed to function much like natural teeth. Like bridges and crowns, implants will help restore your smile and create a more attractive and natural-looking smile. With most dental implants one never has to worry about the challenges of keeping in a loose removable partial denture. Also, one does not have to be embarrassed by removable teeth slipping out while out socially. Contact Dr. Miller to determine if dental implants are right for you!

Root Canals

Infected teeth can be painful. Many times, the cause of the pain is deep within the roots of a tooth. In an effort to save the tooth, Dr. Miller may determine that a root canal is a viable option. By completing a root canal procedure, Dr. Miller will be able to remove the bacteria and debris causing the painful problems within the tooth. Many times after completing a root canal on a tooth, a patient may be able to keep that tooth for a life-time. Read more here about how Dr. Miller may help alleviate the painful situation and restore the tooth back to health and function.


At times, extracting a painful tooth may be the best option. As a general dentistry service, extractions serve as an important procedure.  Dr. Miller will diagnose and assess whether an extraction would be the best option for a painful tooth. Sometimes an extraction is the best option for a painful tooth when other avenues of treatment may have unfavorable long-term prognosis. Dr. Miller may recommend that an oral surgeon be utilized to extract a tooth that may be challenging to a general dentist. After an extraction, Dr. Miller can evaluate and discuss options for the replacement of the missing tooth or teeth.


Patients who have lost all of their natural teeth may require a dentist that has experience in diagnosing and constructing a set of dentures. Dentures are a general dentistry service that possibly may not fit properly can be painful or loose and possibly embarrassing in social settings. Dr. Miller has had many years of experience working with dentures. Sometimes, gums supporting the dentures may shrink and change overtime. If this occurs a reline of your dentures may be needed or possibly a new set of dentures constructed.

As a general dentist, Dr. Miller can help assist, treat and answer questions about most general dentistry services and dental related issues and problems. He and his professional staff treat patients with respect, care and professionalism. General dentistry services are important.  Call for an appointment today!

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“With a Smile, We’re Changing Lives” 

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