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Dental Teeth Veneers

Dental Veneers

Veneers are small custom made pieces of porcelain that are “glued” to the front surface of your tooth.  They are usually placed on all of your upper front teeth that show when you smile.  Sometimes no preparation or cutting of your teeth is required.  At times teeth will need to be prepared to achieve the best esthetics.  Typically, less enamel is removed with a veneer preparation than with a crown.  But one must remember that if the veneer won’t give the esthetic demand of the patient, a crown may be a better alternative.

If your natural teeth are severely uneven or out of alignment, preparation of your teeth will be necessary to achieve a great smile.

Veneers will require more time and materials and therefore your cost for these will be higher.

Veneers are a more conservative approach than crowns.

Materials  may be porcelain, zirconium or bonded filling material.  They may be direct or indirectly constructed and placed.  Zirconium and processed tooth colored materials may be utilized. Direct veneers are typically made of a composite material and can be applied in one appointment by the dentist.  The appointment made be long due to the fact that it takes time to directly apply the material.  Once applied it takes time to contour and polish the finished veneers.  The indirect technique is a laboratory intensive technique.  The dentist will prepare the teeth and make impressions.  After that the impressions can be sent to a laboratory whereby they are constructed.  Temporary are placed at the time of appointment.  The temporary’s will esthetically cover the teeth and keep them intact until the finished veneers arrive.  It can take several weeks for the completion by the lab.

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