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Dental Insurance Information

Dental insurance is a contract between typically an employer/covered entity and the dental insurance company.  Benefits are based on a contractual obligation between the two parties and determined by zip codes.  A patient’s coverage is solely based on that contract.  Patients have no control over coverage they may receive.

Insurance companies also solicit to dentists to become “participating providers” by signing a contract with the insurance company to provide dental services.  Dentists that sign a contract with  insurance companies are contracted with them and must abide by the specifics set out by the agreement.  What treatment a patient may receive may be highly influenced based on the specifics of the contract.

William H. Miller, D.M.D. is not a contracted provider for ANY insurance company.  He has not signed a contract with any insurance company that may influence  treatment with a patient.  He listens and works with his patients in developing dental treatment plans. 

At this time our office is happy to file your dental insurance provided we have correct information from the patient.  A patient may also option to receive a receipt for paid services and file their own claim as well.  Regardless, of how the claim may be filed, the PATIENT WILL RECEIVE BENEFITS DIRECTLY FROM THE INSURANCE COMPANY.

Our office does not accept insurance assignments.  Therefore, services are paid to our office at time of service by the patient and the patient receives payment from the insurance company.

Dallas General Dentist, Dr. William H. Miller, is an experienced, personable and “patient-centered” dentist that serves his patients with the utmost care and kindness. We work with and treat our patients.  

Call us today (214-692-1050) if you are looking for a friendly, experienced, quality oriented dentist that works with and focuses on YOU during your scheduled appointment time.  We look forward to meeting you soon!

Some Facts:

  • Please note that if you have any PPO insurance coverage you still may have services completed within our office.
  • If you have HMO/DHMO coverage they will not pay for any services within our office.
  • Dental insurance is very different from typical medical insurance coverage.  It is basically a pre-payment arrangement between an employer and an insurance contractor.  For some services, they may pay as much as 100% but only 30% for other procedures.  (This is based on the contract between your employer and the insurance company.)
  • Please remember that insurance companies are a “for profit” entity and their purpose is for “cost containment” and profit maximization.
  • Many insurance companies have maximum limits of $1,000 to $1,500 per year.  The maximum coverage in 1959-1965 was $1,000 per year.  Based on inflation alone, dental maximums per year should be at least $7,000 to $8,000 per year!

Patient Focused Policy 

  • Having practiced dentistry since 1985, Dr. Miller understands the importance of spending time, listening and discussing what his patients desire for their smile.
  • Patients may take an active role in discussing with Dr. Miller their desires and choices for their dental health.  Our office is “patient-focused” and NOT “Insurance-focused”.  Dr. Miller believes that patients should make their own treatment decisions regarding dental care and not influenced solely by insurance company coverage or policies.
  • We work for YOU and not an insurance company.  Our office believes that patients should make their own decisions regarding their dental treatment.

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