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Dental Cleanings

Teeth CleaningClean teeth are very important in maintaining a healthy oral environment.  Teeth cleanings (Dental Prophylaxis) keep the plaque and bacterial levels down within the mouth and in conjunction with an examination are crucial to keeping a great smile for a lifetime! Dental cleanings are many times overlooked by patients and are actually one of the most important services of our dental office. Cleaner teeth leads to healthier gum tissue.  When gum tissue suffers and the teeth are not clean, this can lead to gingivitis and also periodontitis, if left untreated.  Many times when a patient is in for a dental cleaning, it is also a great time for Dr. Miller to evaluate and examine the teeth and gums.  Prevention is the key in maintaining a healthy mouth and smile.  Problems may be lurking, undetected by the patient.  Dentists are the only health professionals that can assess and examine a patients teeth and gum tissue.

Has it been a while since your teeth have been cleaned and checked?  Don’t neglect a valuable asset and an important aspect of your appearance…..your Smile!  Dental cleaning appointments are an effective way to keep your teeth healthy and clean.

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