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North Dallas Dental Crowns

North Dallas Dental crowns and caps are often used in dentistry to restore a tooth to improved dental health.  Crowns may be used if one has an existing large filling that needs strengthening.  Many times a tooth may have a large area of decay in which a filling may not adequately restore the tooth.  If the tooth has very little or weakened tooth structure, a crown may help to protect the tooth from further breakage and damage. Many times after having a root canal the tooth may require a crown.  The crown will give the tooth strength and support after having a root canal procedure. This is one of the many service we offer in general dentistry.

North Dallas Dental Crowns

Smiling Patient with Crowns

North Dallas Crowns and caps can take many forms and can be made from various materials.  Typically, it takes two appointments to fabricate a crown.  Anterior teeth may take more visits due to fact that esthetics must be checked to insure the best and most natural look for your smile.  Today, crowns are made from materials that are nearly the same look and feel of the natural enamel of your teeth.  Zirconium is a common material for crowns today.  Zirconium is very durable and has a very esthetic look to it.

Typically, an appointment to construct a crown may take 2-4 hours to complete.  It takes time complete all the steps or procedures required to complete a dental crown.  Preliminary impressions may be made prior to actual work on the crown tooth.  Also, shade and color will need to be address to insure the very best for our patient.  X-rays may be taken at this appointment as well.  It is very important that the dentist have a current and accurate view of the tooth prior to preparing the tooth for a crown.

Do you have old, large and unattractive fillings that need a new look?  Maybe you have some old crowns that were made of older materials that are now unattractive?

Dr. Miller has had many years of experience in selecting and constructing natural looking North Dallas dental crowns for his patients.  Our office would be happy to assess your smile and answer any questions you may have about crowns and how they can improve your smile!

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