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Dr. William H. Miller, D.M.D. has been practicing dentistry in Texas since 1985. For over 35 years, he has had a passion for personalized, quality care dentistry. He has been in the DFW area his entire career and is conveniently located on Walnut Hill Lane across from Presbyterian Hospital in North Dallas.

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5 Reasons Why Flossing Teeth is Important

» 16 December 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist » Comments Off on 5 Reasons Why Flossing Teeth is Important

Flossing teeth is never on anyone’s list of favorite things to do, yet for a number of reasons, it’s important that it be done on a daily basis. Neglecting to do so can be the cause of a number of issues down the road.porcelain-crowns-01

Many people believe that simply brushing your teeth is sufficient to avoid any dental issues. However, a toothbrush only cleans the top and side of your teeth, while flossing gets under the gum line and between teeth. Combining these two chores can help limit any dental problems you may run across. The benefits of flossing teeth are clearly evident by looking at five solid reasons listed below

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Choosing a Dentist based on Dental Insurance

» 18 September 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dental Insurance » Comments Off on Choosing a Dentist based on Dental Insurance

The practice and business of dentistry along with insurance has changed in the past several years. Choosing a dentist is a very important decision. A person has only one set of adult teeth and these teeth need to last a lifetime.  With proper care and attention, most healthy adults should be able to keep their teeth for a lifetime!

Brushing and flossing are very important to a healthy smile, Regular dental check-ups are also necessary.  One can’t visualize their teeth and determine if there are problems and therefore a dentist is needed to evaluate one’s teeth and gums.

There are many factors in choosing a dentist.  Many select a dentist based on “non-dental” considerations.  Some of these may be location, ease of parking, hours of operation etc.  Some select on “word of mouth” recommendations by friends, fellow workers and family members.  Today, many people select and choose a dentist based on insurance.  Those in the United States that have dental insurance have opportunity to have a portion of their out-of-pocket expense lowered by payment by a third party, dental insurance.

Dental insurance has changed significantly during the past several years. The majority of dental insurance companies today have Preferred Provider Organizations (PPO’S).  These organizations or plans are the primary framework for benefits for those that have dental insurance.  Patients always have a choice when choosing their dentist but it is very highly recommended by the insurance companies that patients choose dentists that are contracted, “signed-up” providers with the dental insurance companies.

If a patient chooses a contracted dentist his out-of-pocket expense is less than choosing a non-contracted dental provider.  But it also a great financial benefit to the insurance company as it pays much less to one of it’s contacted providers than to a regular, non-contracted dentist.  One can easily see why the insurance would want a patient to go to a “contracted/insurance dentist” as it pays much less to one of “their providers” than a “non-contracted dentist” that has no legal/contractual affiliation with the insurance company.   Some estimates are that insurance companies may pay anywhere from 20-60% less to contracted dentists and therefore have much higher profits and make as much as 60% more by patients going to their selected contracted providers.

Dentists are solicited by insurance companies to “sign-up” to become providers with the insurance company.  Insurance companies will lead dentists to believe that they will gain new patients by being a preferred provider.  But that comes at a cost to the dentist.  When a dentist signs the, many times, multi-page contract with the insurance company he agrees legally and contractually to a schedule of fees that may be 20-70% less than their normal fees for services.  Therefore, a dentist provides services that are discounted to the patient and insurance company of many times half price or more.

Some thoughts to consider when selecting a dentist based on Dental Insurance….

* Would you select a dentist that has a contract with your dental insurance company for fees charged?

*  Do you feel comfortable with a dentist that has a legal/contractual relationship with the insurance for dental services?

* Keep in mind that your coverage and choices may be limited due to contract(s) between a dentist and the insurance company on your behalf.

* In-network, contracted dentists have, by contract, many guidelines set forth by the insurance companies that may affect your dental care.

* Out-of-network, non-contracted dentists have no direct limitations set forth by an insurance company that would affect your treatment or choice.

* Out-of-network dentists have no contractual relationship with insurance companies and are not directly limited and dictated by an insurance company.

We hope that this information has been helpful to you as you look at dental insurance as criteria in selecting your dentist for you and your family. Dallas Texas dentist, Dr. William Miller is an experienced general dentist that has been providing his very best in personal,  quality focused dental care for over 30 years.  He works with one patient at a time so that he and staff may devote 100% of their time to YOU during your scheduled visit.  Dr. Miller practices dentistry as an Out-of-Network provider for all insurance companies.

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Dental Implants, Bridges and Dentures Are The Best Tooth Replacements (for now)

» 18 September 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dental Implants, Dental News, Dentist in Dallas TX, Dentures » Comments Off on Dental Implants, Bridges and Dentures Are The Best Tooth Replacements (for now)

Dental Implants Arlington Texas Dentist Tooth Replacement Teeth Implant ProcedureDental implants, bridges and dentures might become obsolete in time. Recent research has gotten us closer to discovering how to grow our own teeth!

While teeth implants, bridges and dentures are useful, they might not be the only options available for tooth replacement in the future. Researchers in Finland have found a way to pinpoint stem cells that are essential to growing teeth. Don’t get too excited yet – the stem cells they are working with belong to the incisors, or front teeth, of mice and therefore still far removed from actually growing a human tooth. However, this is still an exciting and useful discovery since mice incisors grow continuously throughout their life, and studying this process is likely to lead to information that can be used to grow human teeth. Another important application for this study is growing new dental enamel, especially since enamel wears down over time and is irreplaceable. All speculation aside, here are the options for teeth replacement:

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Dental Crowns by a Dallas Texas Dentist

» 15 September 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dental Crowns, Dentist in Dallas TX, Root Canals » Comments Off on Dental Crowns by a Dallas Texas Dentist

Dental crowns are used in dentistry for many different application or uses.  This article will discuss purposes and potential uses of dental crowns with patients.  As a dentist in Dallas, TX, I see patients that would benefit from having a crown on a particular tooth.  fillings-02

At times a patient may have a tooth that has broken or fractured whereby there is not enough tooth structure remaining to place a filling.  If there is insufficient tooth structure for a filling to stay “anchored” to a tooth, a dental crown is an excellent option.

Another common use of a dental crown is after a root canal procedure on a tooth. After a root canal procedure, a tooth may become “brittle” or is in need of re-building due to decay or other problems with the tooth.  By placing a dental crown on a root canal tooth, the tooth is reinforced and strengthen by having a protective covering over the tooth.  Therefore, when biting or chewing, the tooth is covered and protected by the crown.  The underlying tooth is protected and less prone to fracture or breakage. (Keep in mind that if your tooth already has a dental crown prior to the root canal, it may not need a new crown.  If the existing dental crown is adequate and free from decay or problems, a filling may be placed over the hole that was created to do the root canal.)

Most all posterior or back teeth are covered with crowns after root canals to protect them from breakage.  Anterior or front teeth may or may not at times require crowns.  Front teeth may need crowns to not only strengthen them but to make esthetic improvements to the patients smile.

Dental crowns are also used to strengthen unbroken and “whole” teeth that may have very large fillings already present within the tooth.  Teeth that have existing large silver fillings or composite/”tooth-colored” fillings have a high probability of breakage which may necessitate the need for an extraction of the tooth.  Although a tooth may have a large filling, the remaining natural tooth structure or enamel may be weak which will make a tooth more prone to fracture or breakage.  Remember, a tooth when it breaks may fracture into the root of the tooth which may make the tooth hopeless to repair or place a crown.  Therefore, that tooth would need an extraction.  All attempts are typically made to restore and repair a tooth but at times the tooth is “non-fixable” and an extraction would be needed.

Old dental crowns may need to be replaced if there are problems with the existing or older crown.  If there is decay around the neck or margin of the crown, a new crown may be needed.  If the older crown is broken or if a hole has been worn through the metal of the crown, a new crown may be needed.

In summary, several different purposes of dental crowns have been described.  There are many different reasons that a crown may be need or a new crown place on a tooth.  Only a dentist can diagnose and determine if a new crown is needed.  A clinical examination if necessary with an x-ray of the tooth to determine the best course of treatment.

Dr. William H. Miller, a dentist in Dallas TX, is able to help determine whether or not your tooth would need a crown.

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Dallas Texas Dentures, Root Canals and Dentistry

» 30 August 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dentures, Root Canals » Comments Off on Dallas Texas Dentures, Root Canals and Dentistry

Dentures, Root canals…. Dentistry!

Dentistry has many different procedures that can be used to help patients achieve a healthy and beautiful smile.  Dallas Texas Dentures and root canals are only two of the many procedures that a dentist may use to improve a patient’s smile.  Many people wear dentures to chew and maintain their smile.  Root canals are also used as procedures to enable someone to keep their tooth that may be painful or that has broken or cracked.

Other resources that a dentist may use as procedures in a dental office are examinations, x-rays, fillings, crowns, deep cleanings and a variety of procedures to replace missing teeth. If someone is missing a tooth or just a few teeth, a dental implant is a viable option and is widely used today in the United States and internationally as well.  Fixed bridges are also an option as well for replacement of missing teeth.  Removable devices or prosthesis can also be made to replace a missing tooth or teeth.  These are commonly known as dentures or partial dentures.

Dentistry today is very exciting and has much to offer patients.  Teeth are very important to one’s smile, self-esteem and digestion of food for our bodies.  Keep and maintain a healthy smile and seek regular dental visits throughout your life! Dentistry is a health profession of which a doctor-patient relationship is paramount to good dental health.  Choose a dentist that is willing and able to spend time with you, the patient.  The better the dentist knows and understands you, the better the dentist and staff can assist and help you attain your best for your mouth and your smile!

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What Was Dentistry Like in the Wild West?

» 25 April 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dentistry and Health » Comments Off on What Was Dentistry Like in the Wild West?

Arlington TX Dentist | Dentist Office in Arlington Texas | Arlington Dentist William MillerWe’ve found ourselves wondering lately: Before our modern Texas Dentist offices, what was dentistry in Texas like during the days of the Wild West?

Dentistry in the Wild West was much less the exact science it is today and more about creative solutions and educated guessing. It’s not only that people did not know as much about teeth as they do today, there were also many difficult challenges that came with dental work on the frontier, due to poor dental hygiene, lack of tools and facilities, and a scarcity of properly educated dentists.

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Root Canals

» 16 April 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Root Canals » Comments Off on Root Canals

Root canals are a very useful service and procedure provided by a dentist.  Root canals are an alternative to tooth extraction.  Many times a tooth may be saved by completing a root canal procedure.  Front and back teeth may have root canals.  Baby teeth may have a variation of a root canal procedure completed as well.  Although, adult teeth typically will have most endodontic or root canal procedures completed.

General dentists or endodontists may complete root canals.  Briefly, the infected nerve of a tooth is removed in a root canal.  The very small root “canals” are then shaped, cleaned and filled with a material to seal up the canals.  After that many times a cap or crown is needed on the tooth for strength.  After a root canal a tooth may be weakened and become “brittle” and will need further strengthening that a dental crown may offer.  If a tooth already has a crown, the root canal may be completed by the dentist drilling through the crown to the root of the tooth.

Root canal procedures can vary in time and cost in Dallas Texas, Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and across the United States.  Many factors may be considered when discussing cost.  Just one factor may be whether the tooth has one, two, three or four roots in the anatomy.  A tooth with multiple roots will require more time and expertise than that of a one or two rooted tooth.  Most anterior or front teeth will have a single root canal.  Back teeth will have three or four or more roots canals to their anatomy.  Please remember that there are variations possible as well.  Some dentists may complete root canals in one appointment or take as many as three appointments to complete.  Although a root canal will cost more than an extraction, it is far better to attempt to keep a natural tooth in place.

Root canals are a great option as opposed to tooth extraction.  If  a tooth doesn’t feel the same as it did before or if you have a toothache or discomfort with it, a root canal may be the service you would need.  Our dentist office in Arlington Texas would be happy to help you with your tooth discomfort.  Dallas Texas dentist, William H. Miller, D.M.D., would be happy to assist you with your dental concerns.

For more information within our site about root canals go to our Root Canal Page.

Dallas Dental Office News Update, By Dallas Texas Dentist, William H. Miller
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Teeth in a Day in Dallas, Texas

» 31 January 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist, Dental Implants, Dental News, Dentist in Dallas TX, Dentistry and Health » Comments Off on Teeth in a Day in Dallas, Texas

“Teeth in a day”…. Fact or Fiction?Whiten Teeth Arlington TX | Mouth Makeover | Teeth in a Day

As a Dallas, Texas dentist, Dr. William Miller is often asked about the concept and possibility of  “teeth in a day”. Typically, this question will come from patients that are missing teeth or patients that feel their current teeth are esthetically unattractive.

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Keep Teeth Straight and Healthy with Mouthguards

» 30 January 2020 » In Bruxism, Dallas Texas Dentist, Dentistry and Health, Teeth Grinding, Teeth Health » Comments Off on Keep Teeth Straight and Healthy with Mouthguards

Arlington, TX Dentist | Use Mouthguard for Healthy TeethMouthguards Aren’t Just For Rocky Anymore!

For many of us, the most vivid image that comes to mind when someone mentions a mouthguard is one on the television screen when the camera zooms in to a boxer taking a hit to the face and spitting a mouthguard out. For parents, though, the image they see would be their child with a mouthguard sticking out of the front of their face while they smile from the sidelines of their first big game. But mouthguards do more than protect athletes and provide us with cute pictures. To make sure you don’t wait to get a mouthguard till your teeth are broken, Dr. Miller, a dentist in Dallas, TX has some convincing reasons to share with you.

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