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Oral Cancer Screening

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Oral Cancer Screening

Cancer is a leading cause of death. Oral cancer screenings can be performed within our dental office. Oral cancer is of the mouth and is usually predicated by long-term use of alcohol and/or tobacco use over an extended time.  Poor oral hygiene can also contribute to oral cancer within the mouth. It is important to find signs of this cancer early on and take preventative measures against it. Regular check-ups are a great time for Dr. Miller to perform an oral cancer screening to determine if you would have any signs or symptoms of cancer.  If anything unusual or suspicious is noted we can discuss this with you.  If necessary, a follow-up appointment or referral to another dental or medical specialist may be needed to evaluate your oral tissues.  Prevention and early diagnosis is key in diagnosing and treating this deadly disease.

Screenings many times are included in a Comprehensive Dental Examination.  Also, screenings may also be completed during a Periodic Dental Examination as well.  If a patient sees something within their mouth that raises a concern, a patient may see a dentist for a Limited Examination as well.  A patients dentist may be the only one that would see an oral cancer lesion.  An oral screening is typically not completed in a physicians office unless the patient had a previous history of cancer.  Therefore, a dentist is the best professional to view the oral cavity and structures of the throat and soft tissue.


This condition accounts for only about 2% of all cancers but can lead to death if left undiagnosed and untreated.  Typically a dentist is the professional that can examine the oral tissues for cancer.  Dr. Miller would be happy to screen your oral cavity at your next appointment.

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