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Common Foods That Can Damage Your Teeth

» 18 December 2020 » In Cavities, Dentist in Dallas TX, Teeth Health »

Individuals who think that they’re taking their dental health seriously by avoiding sugar-laden delights might be surprised to learn that there are seemingly harmless or healthy foods that can damage your teeth as well.

-POPObviously, there are foods that can damage your teeth which include sweets, soda and the practice of chewing ice are traditionally frowned upon by the dental community, but some others can be problematic.

Some foods that can damage your teeth include:

Corn on the Cob

Summer picnics always seem to have this delightful favorite, but the biting into the cob could potentially crack or loosen fillings, while also damaging orthodontic work for those with braces.

White Bread/Toast

Bread has sugar in it and tends to have particles that stick to your teeth. That sets off a ticking acid time bomb in your mouth that can damage enamel. With toast, taking a bite when it’s hard can also cause damage that was already in motion by eating this bread-based product.

Peanut Butter and Jelly

All three components of this staple have sugar in them, which allows a breeding ground of bacteria to develop. The stickiness of both peanut butter and jelly also tends to linger until addressed by brushing and flossing.

Apples/Dried Fruit/Citrus Fruits

Some apples can be acidic, while dried and citrus fruits are sticky, have plenty of sugar in them and are also loaded with acids that wreak havoc on your teeth.

Pasta Sauce

The wide varieties of pasta choices are usually joined by sauces to complement the flavor. However, enamel can be damaged from the darker sauces like red, with the acid coming from tomatoes also ready to cause problems.

Potato Chips and Popcorn

These two snacks tend to get wedged between your teeth, which allows bacteria to start growing, which can start the march toward a cavity.


Since this food is heavily pigmented, it can end up staining your teeth yellow over a period of time.

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