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5 Reasons Why Flossing Teeth is Important

» 16 December 2020 » In Dallas Texas Dentist »

Flossing teeth is never on anyone’s list of favorite things to do, yet for a number of reasons, it’s important that it be done on a daily basis. Neglecting to do so can be the cause of a number of issues down the road.porcelain-crowns-01

Many people believe that simply brushing your teeth is sufficient to avoid any dental issues. However, a toothbrush only cleans the top and side of your teeth, while flossing gets under the gum line and between teeth. Combining these two chores can help limit any dental problems you may run across. The benefits of flossing teeth are clearly evident by looking at five solid reasons listed below:

Avoids Gingivitis

By getting rid of the plaque on your teeth, you help limit your chances of becoming a victim of gingivitis. That causes inflammation or softening of the gums, making them more tender and prone to bleeding. It can cause eventual tooth loss, dry mouth or even bad breath, since particles of food remain in your mouth even after brushing.

Gets Rid of Tartar

The longer plaque is on your teeth, the more chance is that it becomes tartar. That can only be removed when you see a dentist, but more seriously, it puts you further on the path toward periodontists. That’s where gums pull away from the teeth and form spaces that could become infected.

Keeps Your Smile Young and Bright

Flossing can provide the psychological benefit of keeping your teeth whiter and with less recession of the gums. A bright smile gets people’s attention, while a stained or cavity-filled one makes people look away. With regard to the gums, the less recession there is, the younger your smile appears.

Cavities and More Cost Money

Not performing a simple daily task can end up taking a bite out of your wallet. Plaque leads to cavities, which cost extra money to be filled. More severe dental issues could surface along the way, which could lead to even more expensive surgeries or even bone and tissue grafts.

Related Health Issues Can Develop

While the two may not seem related, some studies have found a link between gum disease and the greater likelihood of developing heart issues resulting from the bacteria involved. Also, a problem in trying to control blood sugar, which could lead to diabetes, has been found in some gum disease cases.

Some of these issues are more serious than the others, but all of them can be avoided by adhering to the benefits of flossing. Your mouth, wallet and body will thank you years from now when they’re all still in good shape. Contact Dr. William H. Miller, a dentist in Dallas, to schedule your next dental appointment.

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