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Flossing and Heart Disease

» 02 April 2020 » In Dental News, Dentistry and Health »

flossing heart disease

This must be a mistake ?  How can flossing and heart disease be related?  One has to do with teeth and the other with my life…  Well, it’s true and there is an association between flossing and heart disease.  Research can now support claims that bacteria within the oral cavity can be associated with heart disease, and flossing, or a professional teeth cleaning is the solution!

We have to remember that the “mouth and teeth” are connected to the rest of the body.  Blood flows throughout the body and bacteria in one area of the body can be transported to another area as well.  Research has shown that people with heart issues also may also have an unhealthy mouth, including teeth and gums.  By getting the teeth and gums in better shape the severity and extent of the heart disease can be reduced.

So just remember when you floss you are not only keeping those teeth and gums healthy but also reducing your chance of having bad bacteria near your heart.

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