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Dental Implants as an Option for Tooth Replacement

» 11 April 2022 » In Dallas Texas Dentist »

“Dental Implant” and “Implant” are terms in dentistry but what do they mean?  Dentists use these words daily in their offices, but what do these terms mean? This page will give you good information on dental implants.Cosmetic Dentist Arlington Tx

Basically, in layman’s terms, the typical dental implant is a  piece of titanium that is placed in the jawbone to serve as a “root” or foundation for a tooth or multiple teeth.  Therefore, when we hear the word implant, one can think of that of a “root” for a tooth replacement.  Implants may be placed in the upper or lower jawbone.  Implants may be used to replace a single tooth or several implants may be used to replace multiple missing teeth.

The process of placing an implant is precise.  Measurements are made and instruments / tools are used to prepare the socket for the implant placement.   Implants can be placed by general dentists but most often are placed by specialists.  The specialists may include oral surgeons and periodontists.  Local anesthetic may be used or patients can be sedated for implant placement.  Typically, there is little pain or discomfort following the surgery.  An implant must stay immobile within the bone for a period of time.  Usually, three months is an acceptable time although some implants may need to stay a few weeks longer to integrate or “fuse” with the boneShown above is the implant, abutment and crown.

After the implant has integrated with the bone, it is now ready for placement of the abutment and crown.  The abutment is also an attachment made of titanium that is attached to the implant and serves as the “tooth”.  After the abutment is placed, a crown can be fabricated to be placed on top of the abutment.  Therefore, an “implant tooth” is actually three parts:  implant (root), abutment (tooth) and crown.

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