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Dr. William H. Miller, D.M.D. has been practicing dentistry in Texas since 1985. For over 35 years, he has had a passion for personalized, quality care dentistry. He has been in the DFW area his entire career and is conveniently located on Walnut Hill Lane across from Presbyterian Hospital in North Dallas.

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Keep Teeth Straight and Healthy with a Mouthguard

» 30 January 2020 » In Bruxism, Dallas Texas Dentist, Dentistry and Health, Teeth Grinding, Teeth Health » Comments Off on Keep Teeth Straight and Healthy with a Mouthguard

Arlington, TX Dentist | Use Mouthguard for Healthy TeethMouthguards Aren’t Just For Rocky Anymore!

For many of us, the most vivid image that comes to mind when someone mentions a mouthguard is one on the television screen when the camera zooms in to a boxer taking a hit to the face and spitting a mouthguard out. For parents, though, the image they see would be their child with a mouthguard sticking out of the front of their face while they smile from the sidelines of their first big game. But mouthguards do more than protect athletes and provide us with cute pictures. To make sure you don’t wait to get a mouthguard till your teeth are broken, Dr. Miller, a dentist in Dallas, TX has some convincing reasons to share with you.

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