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North Dallas Dentist, William H. Miller, D.M.D. has been practicing dentistry in Texas since 1985. His office is conveniently located on Walnut Hill Lane across from Presbyterian Hospital in North Dallas.

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Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

» 18 August 2022 » In Dallas Texas Dentist » Comments Off on Diagnosis and Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Would you want your doctor to diagnose a suspicious lump on your body without physically viewing the area on your body? Of course not. Yet, at times a patient may “diagnose” themselves by going on Google and doing their own “research” about gum/periodontal disease. This can at times be good for general information about gum or periodontal disease, but is not the best tool for specific information about an individual patient diagnosis.periodontal disease

Dr. William H. Miller, a dentist in Dallas, diagnosis gum disease on a clinical patient level in his Dallas dentist office. Dr. Miller understands the value of one-on-one care and of a trusting relationship between patient and doctor. He also knows how serious gum disease can be if left untreated.

When you come to Dr. Miller for a diagnosis of periodontal disease, you can expect several items.

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